Microsoft Security Essentials Silent Install

February 29, 2012

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Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP 32/64-bit, Vista 32/64-bit & 7 32/64-bit.

For a silent install pops up a window and begins latest definitions download & a Quick Scan though with no restart.

Run: the_microsoft_security_essentials_setup_file.exe /s /runwgacheck

For no popup window include the /o switch.

Run: the_microsoft_security_essentials_setup_file.exe /s /runwgacheck /o

To uninstall silently:

For first version: “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Security Essentials\setup.exe” /x /s

For last version: “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Security Client\setup.exe” /x /s

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One Response to “Microsoft Security Essentials Silent Install”

  1. Greg Deichler Says:

    Here is the command to skip the security essentials OOBE:
    “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\Setup.exe” /oobe /sqmoptin /m en-us


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